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About us

 411 FTAD is based in Sanger, Texas.   Allen Harrison started the company with the goal of providing safe firearms handling geared toward protecting oneself in a self defense situation.  

411 Firearms Training and Development provides training in firearms as well as self defense, including Texas License to Carry, Emergency First Aid and Church Security Training.  We also offer private lessons to allow for more one-on-one training, if that's more your style.  Feel free to browse our website and our list of courses.  

Thank You

Allen Harrison

Certified TX License To Carry Instructor;

School Safety Officer Instructor;

Certified USCCA Instructor;

Texas PSB Level III & IV Firearms Instructor

Chief Range Safety Officer

Emergency First Response Instructor

High-Quality Equipment

Need a firearm for your LTC proficiency? No worries; you can rent a .22 cal Ruger semi-auto for your firearms proficiency.

The Four Basic Gun Safety Rules

  • 1 Treat all guns like they are loaded.
  • 2 Never point your gun at anything you are not willing to destroy.
  • 3 Keep your finger off the trigger (indexed) until your sights are on target.
  • 4 Be sure of your target, the backstop, and what is beyond. Always secure your firearms from unauthorized persons.