Safety First

Providing Firearms Safety Training, Including Range Safety Officer and Texas License to Carry Course

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Experienced Firearms Safety Instructor in Texas

Do you want to take firearms training in Texas? At 411 Firearms Training and Development, we provide training for customers with little to no experience and experienced customers who wish to improve in specific areas. We believe in safety first and aim to provide you with the best firearms safety training in Texas.

Our Courses

We specialize in various firearm training classes, including:

  • Emergency First Aid Fundamentals
  • Online Texas License to Carry and Firearms Proficiency
  • Retired Law Enforcement Officer Proficiency
  • Conceal Carry Home Defense Fundamentals
  • Private Lessons

For additional classes, check out our Training & Courses page. 

Why Choose Us

411 Firearms Training and Development is run by Allen Harrison, who's a certified firearms instructor with over ten years of experience. His attention to detail, training, and experience will ensure you get the perfect firearms safety training you want.

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“Allen does an exceptional job of calmly and effectively instructing all levels in firearms safety and the how-to for the beginner. Best of all, it is fun to learn under his tutelage, and he readily responds to concerns.” 

Sonia M.

“Very pleasant experience. Allen has your safety first and foremost in mind. He takes the time to make sure you understand the rules of the range, and to answer any questions or concerns you may have. He gives great constructive feedback on technique, and has even helped to improve me in areas where I am weak. I highly recommend him as an instructor, for any skill level of shooting.” 

Crystal H.

"Allen is a good communicator and instructor.  I was having problems getting out of the holster and on target quickly.  Allen helped me identify the problem and take steps to correct it."

Robyin P.

"Just an exceptional day of training and learning. Allen Harrison is one of the finest firearms instructors I’ve had the pleasure of working with. His knowledge of firearms safety and defensive techniques is first rate. USCCA knocked it out of the park when they added Allen to their list of instructors. Take advantage of his knowledge and expertise by taking one of his many classes. Great job Allen!"

Ken P.

“Even after having been a shooting enthusiast for over 40 years, including a 20 + year military career, I have consistently learned and honed my firearms skills under Allen’s tutelage. From safety discipline to marksmanship, Allen is a remarkable mentor and trusted shooting counselor.”

Bryan L.

Fantastic training! Malfunction and reload drills really improved my coordination and target acquisition skills. Great overview of USCCA and benefits they offer. Look forward to taking addition classes with Allen in the future!

Jeff R.